About HSK Bearings

HSK Bearings established in 2005 and is specialized in international trade.

Our sales team consists of well-trained engineers and salesman, who are capable of providing technical support in any domain as per customer's requirement.

We are specialized in various industrial and automotive bearings.

We carry the largest range of products for any application that you may have in the Automotive, Agriculture, Transport, Oil and Gas, Food Processing and other industrial areas.

  • The Goal
    To be the best technical service distributor in Middle East and Africa for bearings and related products for the Automotive and Industrial Aftermarket.
  • Core Values
    Delight the Customer
    We drive our business by ensuring customer satisfaction. Our aim is to provide excellent service to all our custumers no matter how big or small. There is no order too small and we strive to provide a great service to all.

    Strategic Alliances & Partnerships
    Through long-term mutually beneficial relationship with our customers, suppliers, and team members, we ensure business longevity.